About UAB “Statybos stilius”

UAB “Statybos stilius” is a construction company, that’s successfully operating on the Lithuanian market since 1995. It‘s activities include both general and specialized construction works. The company has been issued a qualification sertificate granting the right to carry out construction work, repairs and finishing work in residential and non-residential construction cites of special importance.

The main activity of the company is the construction and installation of private housing. We also build and reconstruct various public, industrial, commercial, administrative buildings and other objects.

Architectural and construction knowledge, flexibility and willingness to work together – the best UAB “Statybos stilius” can offer to the customer. The accumulated experience and innovation enables the company to successfully implement both simple and complex designers ideas.

UAB “Statybos stilius” – quality work, timely and rational solutions, optimal and effective proposals.

The company employs 3 administrative personnel, 3 supervisors, 1 supply manager and 22 builders.



We strive to carry out our work and services with high quality.


Constantly improving and expanding our competence. We always seek the best results.


The companies welfare depends on the work that each and every one of us puts in, on the decision making, services provided and the implementation of out customers ideas. Therefore, we responsibly perform our daily activities, and strive for the best results of the company.


Our business model is teamwork. This way we achieve our goals easier, faster, more efficiently.


We respond to the market changes, resolving problems while constantly looking for the best and most effective solutions and new opportunities.


To be the most reliable and quality-oriented construction company.


Providing customers with professional services, high quality and rapid implementation of construction projects.


Client Kęstutis Bogdanavičius:

“I have been using UAB “Statybos stilius” services for more than 10 years. The most competitive feature of the company is its employees: reliable, professional, they perform with quality, appropriately and timely. Secondly, the company‘s executives themselves get proactively involved in projects, both monitoring and implementing them, they always listen to the client‘s opinion. This is the most important thing to appreciate.”

Client Arvydas Avulis:

“Today the most attractive thing is that “Statybos stilius” is able to view the problem in an unofficial way and offer the best solution in time.”

Architect Audrius Ambrasas:

“For me as an architect, it is nice to see that my creative ideas are implemented in reality with maximum precision.”

Client Mindaugas Marcinkevičius:

“I like that there is no need to point out what to do and how things are to be done. They have an excellent feel on how much money to spend on quality, so that it would not be too expensive for the client.”

Architect Kęstutis Sabaliauskas:

“I am satisfied with their work. In my opinion, the main feature of the company is flexibility.”

Client Česlovas Antonovičius:

“I am satisfied with the quality and speed of works performed by “Statybos stilius”. I would use this company’s services in the future without doubt.”

Client Audrys Matulaitis

“I recall our cooperation as very precise work, immensely accurate and scrupulous, in a good sense. Managers of the company are architects who have become constructors; therefore they understand both sides of the work very well; they know what, how and why things have to be done.”

Architect Aurimas Sasnauskas:

“In the process of work there are always certain unsettlements and what I like is that “Statybos stilius” finds very speedy solutions to them. In my opinion, this company always finds a way out of any situation.”

Architect Gintaras Klimavičius:

“The company’s employees are men who know and love their work. If in the process of work a problem occurs, it is solved really quickly and efficiently. They are architects themselves and I really enjoy working with them: as a matter of fact, there are not many companies that are so loyal to architects.”